Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Indian Gods Were Aliens!

The only god I know of is an undefinably infinite open space which is home to uncountable number of galaxies and "n" number of stars within. Which in itself is nothing but has everything in it. Which has no starting point nor ending, no direction nor depth.Every relegion and everyone tries to define it but end up defining the same thing in a different way. Because ofcourse you cant define "nothingness".

Hello people! I am the "Fact Finder" and am an enthusiastic and logical thinker of Indian mythology and tradition , and a few years back I came across an elderly person who started all this thoughts inside my head of Indians gods being from another planet, at first I laughed and thought this couldn't be, but I had a bit of a trust in him as he himself had a very vast knowledge of indian mythology and tradition even though he was a christian, I myself left giving a thought about that thinking its never possible! we have so much trust in our gods ,we believe we have close to around 33,00,00,000 gods according to indian mythology ,and It took me nearly 2 years to pick up the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle and am still not done with that and hope to do so with the help of internet. however so as the saying goes "known is a drop and unknown is an ocean" I know that what ever you are going to read below might be hard to digest and very eccentric in nature but people!! take your own time put on your thinking caps and give it a thought and please do not come to early conclusions.
  • This theory starts about more than 5000 to 6000 B.C i.e more than 7000yrs ago when
    man just came out of the caves, had just learnt how to domesticate animals and do
    farming , this period was called as stone age(neolithic period The Harappans, AKA the Indus Valley Civillisation (IVC), but it was just for the rest of the world!!!! what happened in India was truely remarkable in the history of mankind -we already had scriptures in the form vedas we already were civilised ,we had a very good knowledge of solar system , planets , their positions ,their influence on human beings(jyothishya shastra), ayurveda or knowledge about curing diseases through the use of plants and herbs, most astonishingly we could even fly (pushpaka vimanas ,anybody remembers vimana venkateshwara from the tirupathi shrine??, we had discovered numerous stars named them we had fool proof knowledge about the exact positions of these stars and planets at any given point of time, for eg: at the time of a birth( this is how we could predict the time of lord sree Rama's birth, it was the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month-12.30 p.m. on January 10, 5114 B.C, Its not that we hadn't discovered PLUTO but we knew it was insignificant, it was too far away to cause any difference on planet earth.
  • BIG WHY?????
  • so how did this transition happen, when the whole of human race which originated in the parts of africa and spread across most parts of the world was still in its post natal stage how could we alone or with just a hand full of other races taken a sudden giant leap in the history of mankind , why couldn't we retain that technology of flying (we are still struggling to develop and manufacture our own indigenous aircraft) or why couldn't we retain that technology of looking far beyond our solar system or for that matter our galaxy??? why couldn't we develop the brahmaastra , agniastra to its next best forms and why didint we conquer the whole world with these weapons?why do only hindus have an astonishing 33,00,00,000 gods? doesn't it sound like population of a country for that matter?why do we pray to gods who have multiple heads and limbs (brahma,dattatreya,subramanya,durga ma etc...)?? is it anatomically possible? we have seen fossils of dinosaurs which are millions of years old but still preserved and we have excavated them but why couldnt we excavate a single fossil remains of quadra limbed ,or tri headed human being only 7000 to 8000yrs old? why do all of our gods have an animal as their vehicle but practically which is impossible to ride on them? why do we have genetically mutated gods like hanuman,jambavantha,ganesha,garuda etc.. which is once again practically impossible as such leave alone them able to speak!!! why did most of our gods have a musical instrument in their hands as we see them in sculptures , why do we look towards the sky every time we speak about the origin and place of gods? why is their a god for every aspect like lakshmi for money, saraswathi for knowledge, dhanvanthari for medicine,ganesh for luck and so on... why did they have super natural powers of destroying and creating? why do we have rakshasas or evil minded people who were a threat to the evolution in itself is it possible?doesn't this questions sound like out of a fiction thriller book?
  • The questions are endless but the only thing is nobody has asked them or dared to ask them, we have been kept in a belief suggesting that this is the truth and ofcourse if any body had doubts just as I have nobody bothers or knows answers to them and the ones asking the questions get named eccentric!!
  • so like somebody has to bell the cat and after giving lots of thought I have taken the initiative to give a piece of thought in this regard and have joined together some pieces of this mystery of Indian gods,I request everyone who reads this blog to contribute in a progressive way so as to uncover more and more truths about indian mythology,friends please do think in an optimistic way becoz we already have too many pessimistic people in India (who always come the other way around or negative thinking type). so next up I will try to share a few answers I have found to these questions ,but please people think why isn't it possible rather than it is not at all possible !!!!!!!!!
  • even though we have advanced so much in the field of science and technology ,we are able to do things which we had thought never possible just a matter of 10years ago like for
    example 10yrs ago I don't know how many people had visualized an I phone . we belong to the main stream of human kind but I am afraid even now in some remote parts of the world their exist people who don't dress up,eat things which we call unhygienic,behave like animals ,don't shave,go for hair dressing,rely on nature for their food, go hunting and gathering fruits and tubers in deep jungles.Yes they exist in India too without a doubt(jarwas,the great andamanese,the shompens etc...) just search on the net for tribals u will get the answers.
  • So my point is suppose we go back in time 7000 to 8000yrs ago this was exactly what we were , go back to history of human races and you will come to know we were in the neolithic period of the stone age.
To make matters clear I would like to narrate a story as an example here, folks hope this will help you better understand the theory !lets just think that in this year 2008 we find out a new inhabited place on this earth which was never discovered before,rich with natural resources , sceneries , flourishing with flora and fauna ,inhabited by human beings who are still in the primitive stages of evolution who just have no competition to challenge their survival methods(they dont have to think further or discover anymore things becoz their methods of survival is good enough and taken care of them from past thousands of years and good enough to take care of them for many more years to come) ,learning that its a good opportunity to explore the place a group of scientists,archaeologists and enthusiasts visit the place .The problem is -the primitive people have never seen or heard of the modern human being and completely have no clue about these people being from the same existence that they live in ,but vastly advanced in the science field than they could ever imagine!! in this case the research group lands on the soil of these people using helicopters , the primitives are completely shocked by these new type of animals , completely confused at first try to scare them off with their weapons(bows and arrows,spears etc..) and try to defend their territory but these invaders have come prepared

with armors on their bodies,helmets on their heads and have their own set of advanced weapons, some of them being guns,tranquilizing bullets,tear gases etc...though at first these primitive people are hesitant to go and communicate to new comers within a few days they grow curious about their lifestyle and approach them .which is what new comers want!.and so it happened both generations of this existence meet up try to communicate with each other using sign languages.

The new comers try to explain the primitives who they are ,where they are from using an array of gadgets , some things like cameras,mobiles,laptops and so on.they even show a satellite phone and make a conversation with their counter parts thousands of miles away but its just like teaching a kindergarten kid about engineering topics nothing gets into their head for them its just beyond imagination and the people who were seen as a threat a few days ago are now very friendly and start learning new things from them which could make their life more easier and confirm the survival of their species for generations to come.
The people who were suffering from diseases , infections,allergies and also the sure to die in a few days candidates all get the benefits of science in the form of medicines which cure their ailments in the matter of days ,ailments from which the primitives were agonizingly suffering for a long time.The uninvited guests are no longer invaders or a threat they are no less then "GODS" to them,they have done things which even the gods they trusted for long couldn't do,or is it that "they are the reincarnation or the gods themselves" aren't they worth a little praising and worth a prayer ,yes they surely are!!but they have to be always kept happy to get the best out of them and get all kinds of favors they could possibly give to their community.


And now folks if you still haven't understood the above said example go back and read it one more time if clear with the above said please continue reading ,now why don't we just put our own planet earth in the place of that unforeseen land above mentioned?and the primitive people are nobody else then us by us I mean the people who lived in this country nearly 8000yrs ago,and the people who stopped by to explore our planet were the same people whom we call the sura's or gods, the natives of "swarga loka" or "heaven" . Sanskrit was their language ,the language which was called Devanagari or the language of gods.They might have come here in their quest to find new places that can be inhabited , just as we are reaching out in space searching for inhabitable planets.their planet might have had a population of around thirty crore people which is why we even now according to Indian mythology we proudly believe and say that we have 30 crore gods.They were definitely thousands of years ahead or us in evolution( hope their planet didn't have the Jurassic age which could have cut short their evolution process.They were more advanced than we are at this time).The only problem is we were not smart enough to recognize them .They definitely helped us in every possible manner,but as it so happens the intelligent ones learn t some things from them but the not so intelligent ones just became their disciples and kept praising them and encouraged every one else around them to grow fanatical about them,which served no purpose.
The Vedas were a big contribution from these so called gods to human race in India the logic might have been that possibly we might understand it today or tomorrow and make use of this information and knowledge gathered by them to help make ours life better,but the main problem "misinterpretation" which happens at a large scale in India, well most of the people think that these are magical quotes and recitals (mantras) about the gods which will releive us of our agony . India is a place where everything said in sanskrit is considered as some mysterical recital, which have some magical powers supposed to change lives.These vedas had nothing of that sort but clearly nothing but information for e.g. agada-veda "medical science", sasya-veda "science of agriculture" or sarpa-veda "science of snakes","vaimanika shastra" or aeronautical science and of course u know of the Ayurveda, there were many more like these which served a purpose making things easier.
The intelligent suras or gods stayed with us and just used their knowledge to discover the basics of everything surrounding us like climatic changes, foods and crops to be grown, the possible threats that could endanger our lives and how to encounter them- it may be anything, they just couldn't bring in huge amounts of medicines from their own planet so they explored our surroundings, checked the plants for the chemicals and made alternate medicines out of them which are true to this day some of medicines prepared in far of countries still strikingly resemble the same compositions as used in ayurveda, what ever may be the source but the basic antidotes remain the same! the suras as I said were far more intelligent then what we are even today.They replaced our not so advanced primitive language with their sanskrit even today we call it the "mother of all languages".


Not too many people have dared to ask these questions leave alone asking we have never even given a thought about it but finding the answers to these questions give us a very good insight into the lives of the so called gods,I have tried my best to gather the best logical answer possible.
One more thing I would like to make clear is the images,sculptures,photos,videos we see everywhere in our day to day life , the very images we pray and garland with flowers are the results of an artists imagination of the gods and have nothing to do with their original appearence , REMEMBER: an artist is some one who is always different from the majority population, they have their own way of expressing things ,they see the world in most vivid and unusual ways.An artist may be in the form of a sculpture,painter,poet or a writer for that matter.So after the concept getting into the hands of countless artists from past thousands of years what we see now as the portraits and sculptures of gods are not necessarily theirs we just have to look for basic signs the artist were trying to explain.remember! that we didn't have cameras back then all we knew is clay and stone work, so if anything was to be made so that we could remember our gods for a long time and show to future generations must had to be made from clay and stone work and while making them errors did occur,when you stand in front of a modern art you usually don't understand anything until some one who knows more than you about the art or the one who has made it comes to your rescue and explains it .keep this in mind and we will try and interpret some strange facts the artists were trying to explain!!!

1.what actually are these strange things worn by the gods that we call kiritas or crowns in english ?

the answer might be as simple as a head gear,helmet, cap or a hat which
we use even now to avoid rain, sunlight,cover up bad hair or just to look cool and so on...for the artist it might have been a thing to show his we see a big golden crown ,studded with precious stones,different shapes and sizes , the more powerful the god the bigger and more interesting it would be!!!hope the problem is solved!

2.why do our gods have multiple heads and limbs?

As I have said earlier the artistic view is in effect here too.we might come across people in our daily life who might have typically had the same amount of education and same amount of exposure that even we have got but these people are exceptional in their way of thinking, or doing things, or bolder and courageous than we are, like for eg: Albert Einstein, leonardo da vinci or our own Sir M.visweswaraih. These exceptional people with exceptional brains can also be compared in terms of intelligence or so as to say that they were 2 times more intelligent than an average man or may be even 3 times or 4times for that matter.It's just that we need a person to narrate these exceptional men using an exclamatory word like oh my god ! he is far more intelligent than us.especially thousand's of years ago that is how people might have compared two people ,in terms of their brain power .that is how it might have come into being .A narrator of the story might have explained phenomenons like this to the artists and as it goes the artists might have given 2 or 3 heads to the portraits just to show that this person (so called god) is exceptional in terms of brain power or intelligence!!

And when it comes to multiple limbs its anatomically not possible but what better way to show a personal skills. If a person was a professional in fields of commerce ,banking, teaching, medicine,research,scientist,physicist or maybe the person was good at using a weapon for recreation or self defense(its better to have weapons when u r in unknown territories),play a musical instrument,had love for foods, was warm hearted and sympathetic towards other people,or was good at literature, nature lover,animal lover anything for that matter it could have been expressed or depicted through giving the weapons, tools or instruments that they used in their own hands( hands on job photograph which most of us will be having,taken at our work places , while mimicking a job content , just for the purpose of show off or may be to show our loved ones what we actually do) or may be if you look closely u can't shown it any other way, keeping in mind the immaturity of arts at the time!we will discuss about weapons later!

3.why do our gods have animals in the form of vahanas ( vehicles) when it is truly impractical to ride them and even domesticate a few?

Again a case of misinterpretation,as we see in todays times too that whenever we see a posh

super bike or any other masculine looking powerful,mean, vehicle we exclaim maaaaaan that's a beast!and in the same scenario when we see a beautifully painted ,stylish and artistic vehicle we remind ourselves of other beautiful animals or things of nature and relate the vehicles to the same .This might have been the same case probably people were really mesmerized with these vehicles, the sounds they make,the looks they had, the space ,the utility,the way the vehicles used to travel etc... for eg: lord shiva might have used a vehicle which might have had strong resemblance to a super bike like may be a hayabusa or a tomahawk so artists might have related to an "OX"(nandi) which is a symbol of power,strength & masculinity.dont the horns of the ox remind u of handles on a bike.The six headed subramani or arumuga with being an exceptional brainy person might have had a colourful vehicle for personal use so maybe his vehicle is shown as a peacock,people can

travel on ostriches but not on an peacock (practically impossible),he might have had a small train sort of a trailer or a multi bogie vehicle for transport so he has one more vahana and that is a snake.though impractical to ride them they might have been an interpretation of the looks and utilities of the vehicles.we an relate this logic to almost every vahana or animal vehicles .Lord Indira or the leader of the suras or the chief of swarga loka (might have been a president or prime minister of the region or planet) had an Iravata (white elephant which could fly)-----in bengaluru we call a volvo bus as airavata in olden times it might have been an equivalent to a white jumbo jet (something like "AIR FORCE ONE" which the american president uses)or something as big as the biggest mammal on land people had seen or so it might have been like their imagination was limited to an elephant which was the biggest moving object till aliens had arrived.Lord ganesh had a mouse as his vahana probably because he was so hefty and obese that any vehicle for that matter would have looked small to him, the same way we feel when we see a obese guy riding a bike.People who had the liberty of flying(may be the rich ones) in hover crafts ,gliders,personal jets and helicopters were depicted as having flying birds as their vahanas . eg:garuda-the golden eagle, swan, crane, crow etc...

4.what about animal like or mutated gods being able to talk?

The answer lies in the question itself ,we come across people in our daily life who actually

resemble animals or for that matter we preceive them to resemble animals ,like an obese person is thought to resemble an elephant, an exceptionally hairy person being teased as a bear, a person who acts and behaves mischievous will be named a monkey,a very courageous and bold person will be called a tiger,a cunning man a fox and so on... we just have to interpret the reason because no way its possible for a mutated person to talk or walk like us or for that matter even stand up and walk like us and do his daily chores!The origin of the vanarasena is depicted in scripts as the middle parts of karnataka (bellary) , it might have been possible that being Dravidian's ,the dark skin colour might have instigated the aryan community to look towards dravidians and consider them as even more primitive and naming them monkeys( as per the theory

monkey is considered the primitive version of man and when the Aryan sri rama came we might have not yet evolved to a complete human)when it comes to "Lord hanuman"he might have been a case of "gigantism" so thats a possible reason of how he could perform those

jaw dropping feats . and again the misinterpretation problem might have been in effect, people might have made mountains out of ant hills to praise this unimaginable being.(Gigantism or giantism, (from Greek gigas, gigantas "giant") is a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly above average. As a medical term, gigantism is rarely used to refer to the rare condition of pituitary gigantism due to prepubertal growth hormone excess).

5.About lord Shiva
Their are numerous theories linked to lord shiva many of which say that he might have been worshiped from time unmemorable , may be the truth is that he might have been the mythical god worshiped by the primitives even before the suras stepped on planet earth , after the arrival of these aliens they might have made comparisons of their beliefs about the god (i.e shiva or may be some other name) to other persons present in the group of aliens ,they attributed the qualities they thought god had to these aliens.people had thought back then and this is true even now that god is the supreme power on this universe he had the power to destroy as well as create everything.He was thought to be very disciplined and strict.May be people every now and then after seeing the forces of nature in true colour like storms,wild fires,gusty winds,rains etc... might have remembered that something exists beyond their control and that force is god.Death might sounded an alarm to these people that if anything wrong is done they have to face the wrath of god.The same sort of qualities are attributed the Hindu god lord Shiva .That might be the reason why we see a third eye on lord shiva's fore head it shows that when ever he is infuriated he opens his third eye and destroys everything, in the forms of natural disasters which man cannot control.when the aliens stepped on this planet any person who had stepped down first (or donned the team leader post and controlled his fellow men) might have been related to the god himself., their entry to this planet was unimaginable with all the hover crafts,spaceships and so on. and just like whenever somebody steps into an unknown territory they take precautionary measures to protect themselves in the same way the aliens might have taken certain measures to scare off the hosts there by inflicting terror among them and this might have strengthened the beliefs of the primitives and they might have the related the warning messages to it of the same natural phenemons they had seen and thought god was angry.
He might have used a very agile vehicle to circle around the places so the primitives who had just begun to domesticate animals like cows and bulls ,might have related this vehicle to their own modes of transportation the bull.Shiva is often attributed with marijuana or ganja (bhang) in Indian mythology may be he might have fancied to use it or maybe the primitives used it and later offered it to the aliens just to show their loyalty to the aliens and give the best of things they had as offerings,they might have offered everything they used in their day to day life like the hunts ,fruits gathered in the forests,milk from their cows and so on .This true to this date and marijuana is offered to Lord Shiva on maha shivarathri and also he is offered with milk(abhisheka) on a daily basis and also with other naturally occurring things like coconut water, ghee, curds,honey and so on which makes sense because these are the only things people could have been using since back then.
So many people who worship Lord Shiva even today do not know the significance of vibhuthi or the ash that is presented in all shiva temples .Too many think it just as a symbol of devotion towards shiva ,some apply it on their forehead just to showoff that they had been to the temple, little do they know that the ash symbolically denotes that everything on this planet is one day going to turn into ash including the person who has applied it,so leave the materialistic life for nothing is yours here and lead a non materialistic life as only thing that is immortal on this universe is love. every time you see or feel that ash you are supposed to realise that truth and act hence forth.But this concept is terribly mistaken as it happens in India on a regular basis.
Man started to believe in god because he was scared of things, he believed that there is some thing that takes care of him, regardless of what he is , man had the fear of darkness , fear of the unknown and so on he thought there is one supreme power which has created him and rest of the universe, some thought it was the sun which was more powerful then anything else and others thought our own nature is god.Every major civilization on the face of this planet had its own beliefs.
Among other things which fascinated us Indians a lot is the weapons used by the devas(gods) it carried on till ages because the technology was handed over from one generation to other . This might have happened till they ran out of consumables for the system or until they reached their expiry date or may be even cut on sanctions from their home planet!every thing they used were state of the art if u relate the incidents they might have been in the same stage as we are or may be more advanced by a few hundred years.There is enough evidence suggesting the use of weapons of mass destruction in the kurukshetra war because as per the written scriptures there were nearly 40 lakh warriors and soldiers combining the pandava and kauravas.leave alone the cavalary (wikipedia:Each army consisted of several divisions; the Kauravas had 11 while the Pandavas controlled 7. A division (akshauhini) includes 21,870 chariots and chariot-riders, 21,870 elephants and riders, 65,610 horses and riders, and 109,350 foot-soldiers (in a ratio of 1:1:3:5). The combined number of warriors and soldiers in both armies was approximately 3.94 million).so it makes sense taking into account the advancement of the technology the aliens or the gods had.further more I would like to add quotes form another blog called controversies in history it goes as follows

(Was the ancient indian war of mahabharatha a nuclear war??
Did ancient indians use weapons if mass destruction (WMD) while in the west humans were still in their primitive settlements?


The architect of modern atomic bomb who was in charge of the manhattan project was asked by a student after the manhattan explosion, “How do you feel after having exploded the first atomic bomb on earth”. Oppenheimer’s reply for the question was , “not first atomic bomb, but first atomic bomb in modern times”. He strongly believed that nukes were used in ancient india. what made oppenheimer believe that it was a nuclear war was the accurate descriptions of the weapons used in the mahabharatha war in the epic which match with that of modern nuclear weapons. Video

Mohenjadaro and Harappa

Scientists Davneport and Vincenti put forward a theory saying the ruins were of a nuclear blast as they found big stratums of clay and green glass. High temperature melted clay and sand and they hardened immediately afterwards. Similar stratums of green glass can also found in Nevada deserts after every nuclear explosion.

Radio Active Ash

A layer of radioactive ash was found in Rajasthan, India. It covered a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. The research occurred after a very high rate of birth defects and cancer was discovered in the area. The levels of radiation registered so high on investigators’ gauges that the Indian government cordoned off the region. Scientists then apparently unearthed an ancient city where they found evidence of an atomic blast dating back thousands of years: from 8,000 to 12,000 years.
The blast was said to have destroyed most of the buildings and probably a half-million people.
Archaeologist Francis Taylor stated that etchings in some nearby temples he translated suggested that they prayed to be spared from the great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city.)
So my claim is that everything we heard about the weapons like brahmastra,indrastra,sarpastra,varunastra etc.. are true in but in their own sense it only takes time and an open mind to relate this events to the truth.These astras might have been meant to be used by certain people only ,they were guarded by passwords or voice commands which might have used signature voice recognition technologies which operated only when certain words were said in a certain way, so that took care of any one trying to mimic the voice commands.
Certain features of this missiles or astras were that a single missile can be used several times ,it can be called back at the last moment before destroying the target and also they had capabilities of multiplying into multiple warheads and destroying multiple targets.In kurukshetra war there are instances where thousands of soldiers and warriors were killed on a single day it could have been possible only with the help of advanced technologies or WMD like the one's the developed countries like america and european countries have right now at this time.As most of our generation people might have seen the Ramayana and Mahabharata serial on t.v I would like to inform about the way wars were narrated in the serial makes most of us think of those images when anything about Ramayana or Mahabharata is said,so keeping that in mind just remember the arrows fired by many of the warriors in those epics used to get multiplied and stuff like that its pure depiction of the war made by our ancestors with the help of alternative weapons they themselves were accustomed to use like bows and arrows.but in reality they might have been some thing like weapons of modern times like the cluster bombs or other biological and chemical weapons used by developed nations.
Some weapons like the Mace or gadha which is used by hunky warriors like bheema and hanuman may have been wrongly interpreted, in reality they might have been some thing like a base ball bat which is easy to swing and causes more damage rather than a mace using and manipulating which is impractical (or rather so I thought) because of all the weight being at one end.Again we can relate it to artistic imagination where in an artist might have interpreted it so because someone narrating a gadha might have said that it is thin at one end and very big in proportion at other end and this led to some more alteration of the artists giving them strange shapes and studding them with jewels.
About chariots I am unawares whether it is possible to ride a chariot with 4 or 6 horses but my thinking is it might have been vehicle which was interpreted to having power of multiple horses and more over we can't expect everything used in wars to sophisticated weapons because of the shear number of soldiers participating in it(40 lakh in Mahabharata!!).The advanced or sophisticated weapons might have been used by only the elite class or the so called clans of devas or gods(alien descendants).


A rishi is a Hindu "saint" or "sage" and in its most strict canonical sense denotes 'a Vedic sage, to whom Vedic hymns were originally revealed.This means that they were a set of people or maybe they might have been people among the primitives who had an exceptional I.Q then the rest or maybe they understood things better then others so they were given the job spreading the message across of the realities of life to the rest of the world ,that might be the reason we always see the rishis roaming places and also they might have been gifted with weaponry and other advanced gadgets and systems to help them keep in contact with the base camp and some weapons to protect themselves becoz they were always on the move in thick jungles or unknown territories.That's why we often assume rishi's and muni's had supernatural powers of talking to the gods or having strange abilities which were far beyond any explanation for the primitives.

8.RAKSHASA'S (wicked minded)

As the interpretation of the name itself states these people were just like the same kind of people we have even today and for that matter had them throughout the evolution, the kind of people who always think otherwise and against the wishes of majority of people.They are the scum of the society.They are right in their own terms and lead a band of like minded people ,in the modern days we can easily attribute these kind of people to Adolf Hitler , osama bin laden ,
saddam hussein and our own Indian outlaws like maybe verappan, the ULFA, naxalites, lashkar-e-toiba etc.. like I said they are righteous in their own terms , they have their own gang of supporters they think what they do is right and so on but the majority never accepts them .The same way it might have been true with the rakshasa's ,they might have not looked so weird as they are portrayed but definitely they might have left chill down the spines with their attitudes.
It might be even so that they were against the devas for invading on to our territories and they led a war against their enemies just the same way it is happening today.they might have tried everything to get rid of these invaders like guerrilla warfares,night time attacks and so on . We can roughly say that they are just like the naxalites or the ULFA's who terrorize people just to voice their greviences but to the majority of the people they are against the society and name them terrorists but both are correct in their terms.
They might have spied just like people used to do during the times of second world war, in different costumes and getups and so they are attributed with changing their forms often.They had limited technologies and had crude weapons which they used in their wars against the devas.

Summing up everything!

The group of people who visited our planet in search of intelligent life forms are ones whom we call suras or gods is what I am trying to explain here.They might have used space shuttles or spaceships to fly across here.before anyone could land on this planet they might even carried out some tests and taken samples just like we do when we launch a vehicle to other planets and satellites .As I had said earlier its just that we were in the primitive stages of our evolution and definitely not even a percentage of what we are right now! .They might have settled here in camps just roaming around places, as we had an abundance of natural resources,scenic beauties,snow covered mountains,rivers etc...just like we send missions to outer space they

might have also had a group of mission specialists apart from which back home they might have had a similar political system like us who used to take the major decisions, of course they were fascinated by this newly found planet which supported life and without a war fought they claimed this planet or maybe just our land.As it happens the mission crew are just part of the lower order of the chain ,above them might have had all the scientists who discovered this planet,project supervisors whose job it might have been to estimate the costs and other expenses,finally the ministers who agreed to fund the mission after considering the losses and gains of the mission and also there were these stinky rich who just visited with earth with the core team just because they could afford to do it("KUBERA") so much so that they even purchased islands (srilanka) and could afford to bring big aircrafts(pushpaka vimana) .[
from their home land and settle here in the cradles of our nature. we have to just explore the basic idea of their presence using the history and relate the corresponding fact to todays times to better understand.

Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswathi might have been the responsible ladies for all the Human resource development programs . Their tasks might have included interaction with the primitives ,developing their skills ,teaching them to speak, write,taking the primitives help to build structures in exchange to food,teaching them agriculture, identifying their individual problems and giving them right sort of help and so short they might have been sympathetic females who cared much about these primitives and took kind attention to make their lives easier and valuable.That might be the reason we still even today worship them as goddess for personal growth,wealth and education.I am still trying to gather some information about the other suras or gods on the net(agni ,vayu, varuna etc..) , till now I have had a mixed experiences, some foreigners have made a remarkable research on Hinduism and summed up the equations in a very intelligent way others have just justified the same old myths and majority of them are Indians.
Just like small threads are woven into a big rope our Indian mythology and our beliefs are stronger then ever before as we are facing a new threats to humanity and religion,. At this point these type of thoughts may be considered against the religion. but one day or the other it has to be done to try and identify our history even well.before we get to the core of this big rope every thread must have to be unwoven carefully this is a very daunting job but never impossible!

I would like to make one thing clear here folks- I am not an atheist and I am not trying here to prove that every god we worship in India were "ALIENS".I am just trying to give the most logical answer that could be possible towards a set of people who visited us lived with us for centuries,showed us the way to love,improved our way of life or in simple terms they thought us how to live a life and when through out the planet people were still researching who is the original master of this universe they thought us who it was ,they thought us what is god,what he does where he is ,what is the importance of our existence and so on a thousand things about god . And according to the suras or the people of swarga loka they had only one master of this universe and they called them lord vishnu the "omnipresent","The all prevading one" Its only that we misinterpreted everything.And what else could we do its already been thousands of years and the information has changed hands of crores of people so much so that the real fact sounds like fiction and nothing but a big lie.we have to come out of this mind set and accept the truth and try to research the actual facts with open minds.Just as we have given a very high position to anyone who teaches us things and works for the betterment of the society ,we have done the same with aliens, those who thought us the very way to god are themselves considered in this subcontinent as gods or for that matter we even now follow the same rule, we display images of great people who worked for the whole society,nation and even of those who fulfilled our personal favors so as to remind us of them on a regular basis some become inspirations,some just like passing clouds people forget them after some time. At least we have hard and soft copies of images taken through cameras now but back then our ancestors could only show their loyalty towards their well wishers through their skill and probably the only skill they had was sculpting stones because they were still a part of stone age, and what better way to show the children , grandchildren and generations to come of what people from other planet looked like because stone sculptures have no shelf life or expiry dates!!!for the loyalty sake we had nothing to offer them in exchange for the knowledge we gained from them only thing we could offer was the food we eat,the good looking and fragrant flowers which they loved and had individual preferences for as nature lovers,just as we praise a person who helped us or does good to the society or a true friend ,we praised them with different names according to their qualities and that too in their language as a gratitude which was thought to us by them for better communication.and those names gradually became shathanama -100 names , sahasranamas or thousand names.They were so determined to change our lives that they left their planets and started staying with us ,they left the luxuries of their planet ,settled here with families and loved ones ,our people gave them the liberty of ruling their lives and dedicated their lives to them,ruling us or may be taking care of us became their ancestral jobs from their on and they later on after generations might have become what we called as maharajas or kings "The clans of the GODS".

Their gift to us

There are many gifts like the jyothishya shastra,vaasthu shastra,the vedas, palmistry,ayurveda,upanishads and many more.I call them a gift because definitely we could have never seen distant planets or objects in our solar system with our naked eyes or even if we could see them we could definitely not make records of them nor could we state exact angles , name them or identify them especially if we were in neolithic period.
Being said that we can clearly make out that It was the aliens or the devas who did all the research on these celestial objects graded them according to the effects they had on life forms or human bodies.All the above said work on a theory of gravitation the heavier and the more density a celestial object has, the more its gravitational force.And the effects of gravitation on earth can be clearly understood by the high tides caused in the mighty oceans during a full moon day, science has proved it and so did their science thousands of years back, all forms vedic sciences like astrology ,palmistry etc.. tell one basic concept i.e the effects of the celestial objects like moon or any other planet on human body i.e if moon can cause such high tides in a big ocean which can't it have its effect on human body because a human body is nearly 65 to 75% water and a human brain is 85% of nothing but water.but modern science is yet to come to a conclusion on it,but one thing I would like to mention is according to Indian astrology we dont consider pluto as a prime planet or for that matter even as any thing that can affect life on earth.Modern day scientists have proved this theory in year 2007 after discovering pluto in 1930.
The Vedic astrology and all its branches needs to be given more prominance and attention and also needs to be identified as a very good source of knowledge left by the aliens just for us ,they did all the research work and we just have to use it to the max ,As it is a very old form of science it definitely has some or the other sort of misinterpretations we need to filter out the unwanted and just keep the core principles as reliable source of information to predict the future and also get an insight of the past.Jyotisha shastra, hasta rekha and vaasthu all need a good attention but our very own people think otherwise but definitely a day will come when throughout the world it will become a form of science and will be thought to people in schools and colleges just the same way YOGA has been identified and thought through out the world as form of mind body exercise.
I would like to mention here that the technology of aliens was so advanced that even today we have not challenged the vedic sciences and would not be able to do so in the near future either, nobody from past 7000yrs has either added a new or even a changed a single phrase in these form of sciences, as it happens in modern times that research work done by so many scientists have been challenged time and again new theories have evolved setting aside or completely proving the old ones wrong.One reason for the same not happening with vedic sciences is because the devas were far more advanced than we are even now.They new exactly what the effects of our solar system had on them, begining from the gravitation to the environmental changes even before they landed here.and they also did research to identify the effects of other planets, satellites and far away stars on us human beings .They thought us a highly reliable way of calculating the time and period in the form of panchanga or the almanac. which holds true even today after thousands of years without any errors unlike the present day calender which is not more then 2000yrs old and has lots of adjustments to encounter the flaws like the leap year and varying days from month to month. The devas had already predicted the age of the universe starting from the big bang theory which is mentioned in our vedic inscriptions as brahma kalpa . To get a better idea of hindu cosmology and the ancient Indian beliefs of the universe and god the following link can be used .These are type of discoveries made by researchers from other countries who got amazed by the vast amount of knowledge in hindu scriptures which is of course donated by the devas or the aliens from swarga loka.If we Indians (our primitive ancestors who were in stone age) have done the research on our own it should have changed to its advance forms by now(after >7000yrs) but it didn't and will not in the coming centuries too.
The avatara's of lord vishnu who is connsidered the supreme soul of this
universe are also a clear indication of how the aliens explored our evolution and explained it to us,I mean the first three avataras of lord vishnu. The matsya ,kurma,varaha avataras if closely observed shows the evolution as we see it today matsya-all forms of life on this planet emerged out of water so it might be a depiction to convey that,next comes kurma or the tortoise which is a reptile to depict that when life from the sea emerged out it took the form of a half water dwelling and half land dwelling being "a reptile" in this case a tortoise and finally the
varaha the wild boar which is an example of a four legged mammal.
It just takes an open mind and logic to prove all the avataras of lord vishnu for everything has an answer if you look for it.

Ramayana and Mahabharata

The two greatest epics of hinduism or it may also be called as great epics in the history of mankind.Like i have already said everything heard or seen may not be true especially in the case of these great epics they are subjected to a lot of misinterpretations, and some incidents may even have been added to teach people a moral lesson.
Firstly I would like discuss about Ramayana the great epic written by a reformed dacoit valmiki who has written ramayana in a sense of a biography of lord sri Rama, As a whole Ramayana portrays Lord Rama as Purushottama or "the perfect man"!!!!!!

Why was Sri Rama the perfect man ? He was an 'ideal' son ,
an 'ideal' brother, an 'ideal' king , an 'ideal' friend ,
and 'ideal' disciple, an 'ideal' foe , and above all an 'ideal'
husband ( eka patni vratam) ! IT IS SAID SRI RAMA'S WATCHWORD
WAS ' 'ONE WORD' ONE ARROW; ONE WIFE ' ... a MAN full of moral
values and ethical standards -

I think the point is clear now, definitely lord sri Rama was perfect man or so he is as portrayed in valmiki ramayana ,my guess is apart from belonging to the clans of the aliens or devas his persona ,his dignity,discipline,warm heartedness,intelligence,his ideals in life,ethical standards he followed may have helped him gain the ultimate place or the status of gods in the minds and hearts of people who were their during his kingdoms regime , like it happens even today kins of famous politicians walking in the footsteps of their fathers are expected to fair better and give better administration and not to mention if the kin delivers as expected he is really taken to as a god especially in the socially and economically downtrodden communities or villages,which keep the images of these kins and clans and worship them.

Of course I am not arguing that Ramayana or the existence of Lord sri Rama was a myth because I too believe that he definitely lived here on this very land he might have lived his life the same way as depicted in ramayana but again the misinterpretation part might be in effect The adi kavi(the first poet)as valmiki is better known might have depicted the whole epic in his own words with a dash of his own vivid imagination and poetry unlike all the poets and artists as stated earlier.The story of ramayana is so famous that Rama and all his associates are even today worshiped in different countries like srilanka ,indonesia , taiwan etc... There is so much to learn from the life of Lord Sri Rama but we keep building temples to honor him ,honor his ideologies but never even give a thought about the moral of the story or what valmiki wants every reader to understand from his depiction.Not everyone who fights for the temple of Rama is worried or even given a thought about following the footsteps of lord Sri Rama i.e. being an ideal son,ideal husband,ideal citizen and so on the lists grows but not the list of people who are ready to live their lives like Sri RAM.

Speaking about a controversial topic which has rised in recent times I would like to say a few words about Rama sethu .As I have seen in dhanush koti ( a place near rameswaram the tip of land mass close to lanka)the starting place of rama sethu or nala sethu is definitely a work of superior engineering who did it is a matter of debate my guess is surely it was built by nala with the help of vanara sena and as it is depicted in the ramayana, it was supposed to be a floating type bridge built with rocks which is logically impossible.But the truth is definitely the bridge is still their and anybody can make out that it is a man made structure but not the way we think it is .It is a bridge made out of rocks of course but not by making them to float but by making them to sink and the water is very shallow and a few boats men I inquired said that it is impossible to cross the bridge in the early mornings as their boats gets stuck over the bridge in shallow water,may be 7000 years back the water were even more shallow because there was no global warming at that time.At some places the bridge is just 2 or 3 feet below the surface of water and we can clearly make out that the rocks (the place where I saw they are too small to be called rocks) are not scattered but placed in a good manner and I suppose they might have been even bound by some sort of limestone mixture(which are abundant near sea shores , shells and conchs composed of this material), and considering the distance between India and Sri lanka at that place it is truly possible to build a bridge .If you don't believe what I say just visit the place and you will agree with me.I think there goes one more misinterpretation here.

As with mahabharatha unlike in ramayana the story revolves around too many people ,of course the whole episode cannot be considered as a hoax or as though it had never happened ,my assumption is it did happen, the kurukshetra war,Lord krishna,drutharashtra,gandhari,bhishma and all other characters are definitely for I have said earlier these were the people who belong to the clans of the aliens so they had an edge over the ordinary people because of their technology, my assumption is by this time the aliens or the devas visits were not so frequent to the planet earth but the people who remained here were always in touch with their home planet or something of thought sort ,Narada who is considered a messenger between the swargaloka and bhuloka is an example that they always were in touch with earth , and of course he couldn't have lived for ever may be they indeed might have had a higher life expectancy than us because of the science and technological advancements.

To understand Mahabharata we need to understand that the people involved in this epic were alien settlers, they were far more advanced than we were but definitely not as advanced as the aliens in swargaloka or the heavens.They kept their weapons of mass destruction hidden and made them available only to those exceptionally intelligent persons who knew the adverse effects of this weapons and also people who had lots moral and ethical values because the power of these weapons was such that it could wipe out all traces of life so to speak.

Starting from the birth of Lord Krishna too many incidents of mahabaratha need to be understood and interpreted well,because I think we can relate the birth of balarama similar to that of a modern days test tube baby because according to history the embryo was transferred from devaki's womb to that of rohini( vasudevas another wife).After krishna's birth he was taken out of the prison to yashoda's house and the trick of putting the guards to sleep could have been done by the use of some sort of tranquilising gas.I think krishna was a super brilliant kid who took out everyone who came in contact with him with his quick wit and charisma.i still cant figure out how a person could lift a hill(govardhan giri) with his little finger which is impossible even for a machine.This case will take a little time to be cracked I hope. Any thing and everything which was unexplainable was linked to divine ,magical and supernatural powers of people like Lord krishna.I think he played a major role in educating the primitives towards a meaningful life and thought them very good guidelines to follow in order to live blissful life.He made people understand the true meaning of GOD,who is he and what is he but we instead started worshiping him thinking him as the mascot of god.The quotes from Mahabharata and bhagavatha which are said to be Lord Krishna's own are very meaningful and if carefully filtered out with all the misinterpretations we can see that he gave us very good information about our cosmos,god,nature,rightful duties,wht are things that really matter and things that does not matter at all,the materialistic life and so on.He also learnt that people could easily misinterpret his teachings and kept them under a bit of fear about the god so as to keep everything fair and working.It doesn't matter even if he projected himself as a god because it always served the purpose of keeping people away from doing crimes of any form or against the society.
The strategies he used and thought during the kurukshetra war clearly denotes his shear intelligence.
It is mentioned in Bhagavad gita that Lord krishna revealed his true identity of being the master of this universe in the form of the "Viratarup" which could have only seen by someone
supposedly with divine vision like arjuna and sanjaya ,which according to me might have been so that Lord Krishna might have helped them use a pair of special goggles or 3D virtual reality goggles which might have taken them to a trip across the whole cosmos.
According to Hindu mythology Lord vishnu the paramathma or the supreme soul of this
universe is considered as the part of anything and everything in this cosmos. Logically speaking the whole universe was formed as a result of what we call the "big bang theory"( so it makes sense that whatever objects we see
on this planet i.e. hard,soft,solid,liquid anything! originated from and is a part of our planet earth, our planet earth in turn is part of the solar system, the solar system a part of the milky way galaxy,the milky way galaxy is part of a group of galaxies which is of course infinite but which of all started from a single blast ,the source of the blast the never ending cycle of exploding matter and the same matter (planets,galaxies,black holes etc...)one day converging back due to the extreme forces of gravitation .Scientists are till date unable to crack open the exact process but the so massive cosmos at the time of big bang converges onto become the size of a peanut just for a trillionth of a second and again blasts off.This process as understandable keeps repeating itself time and again, has repeated itself infinite times
and will
continue for infinity.This phenomenon or the energy creation and destruction in itself is the cause for creation of life on earth and also of human
beings. we are also very incomparably small in this is universe.

So according to Bhagavadgita the compilation of quotes said by Lord Krishna during the kurukshetra war The whole process of this creation from nothingness , the immaculate force which is responsible for the big bang itself is "GOD" .Everything we see and feel is a form of god according to
Hinduism in reality we can clearly understand from the above said process why it is so.The process of this creation and destruction is never ending and doesnt have any starting point either.This is why Lord vishnu is considered as a person with nor the starting point nor the ending point and also if we see the plane on which our entire cosmos is relying is also infinite in every aspect.Everything here is smallest than the other, the subdivisions can often lead you to infinity if watched closely (
pic.php?t=7330&sid=0427be59cd4db639a2ddfaecbee3fc5a).Infinity is the one word to describe
the supreme being or the paramathma.This is what lord krishna himself has conveyed to Arjuna in his preachings.Lord Krishna made a really good attempt to educate people with the core idea of GOD but as it happens even today in India he himself was given the status of the supreme power and eveything said by him to describe god was held in conjunction with him. This of course is the very core of every religion on this planet but in a slightly different way.The very idea of god according to all religions points
towards Infinity.

According to bhagavad gita Lord krishna explains about god in this following way(himself as portrayed)
  • "I am the goal, the sustainer, the master, the witness, the abode, the refuge, and the most dear friend. I am the creation and the annihilation, the basis of everything, the resting place and the eternal seed."

"But what need is there, Arjuna, for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe."
  • "If hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form."
  • "Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not despair."

Definition of GOD according to other religions

According to Islam:

Allah! There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, the Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep. His are all things In the heavens and on earth. Who is there that can intercede In His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth What (appeareth to His creatures As) Before or After or Behind them. Nor shall they compass Aught of His knowledge Except as He willeth. His throne doth extend Over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth No fatigue in guarding and preserving them, For He is the Most High, The Supreme (in glory).
In Muslim understanding, God is beyond our sight and understanding, yet at the same time "nearer to us than our jugular vein" —Quran

The most concise definition of God in Islam is given in the four verses of Quran say:
He is Allah,
The One and Only.
"Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.
"He begets not, nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him."

According to chinese -Taoism

The Tao Te Ching
The Tao-
There is a thing, formless yet complete.
Before heaven and earth it existed.
Without sound, without substance,

it stands alone and unchanging.
It is all-pervading and unfailing.
One may think of it as the mother of all beneath Heaven.
We do not know its name, but we call it Tao.
Deep and still, it seems to have existed forever.

According to Christianity:
There are several branches of Christianity, whose beliefs vary in detail. However one standard that is accepted by most of them is the "Apostles' Creed". I will base my discussion here on it.
I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth.
Christians believe in one God, who created the universe and all that is in it. God is a person, but of a somewhat different type than human beings. While humans have both physical and spiritual elements, God is entirely spiritual. That is, he exists in a sphere outside the normal physical universe. (Since he created the universe, and existed before it, this should be fairly obvious.)
According to judaism:
Judaism has clung to a number of religious principles, the most important of which is the belief in a single, omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent, transcendent God, who created the universe and continues to govern it. According to traditional Jewish belief, the God who created the world established a covenant with the Israelites.

According to the vedas or sacred hindu scriptures:

God is simply that which is the source of light and life, that which breathes life into this creation, that which pulsates in all hearts. God resides in you and resides in all creation. God is the all-pervading force from which this world evolves and into which it dissolves.

According to Sikhism:

According to the Sikh belief, God is all omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The sun, moon/s, planets, wind, fire, water, vegetation and all other things which exist are His witnesses.
God is the sole creator, sustainer and destroyer. He is beyond birth and death. He is both merciful and compassionate. He is beyond fear and enmity. He is self illuminated. He is the Master of all the treasures. All our possessions are a result of His grace.
The Sikhs call God as Waheguru, meaning the most wonderful Master.

According to me the whole Idea of god is same throughout the world but the only diffrence between ours and others is ,ours originated thousands of years back because it was given to us by the Aliens(devas).So when a civilization so advanced than us believes and follows in this concept why shouldn't we?Its all the same with every religion.But the strange thing happening around the world currently as we all know is people are quarrelling for the very sake of god, or so as they think that their god is the original one that he will get impressed by the struggle the followers are carrying out.This has become a very big problem,The so called pleasing the "GOD".
which never happens as said in Bhagavad gita.because we can only worship almighty and thank him for creating the whole universe and do nothing else,for what ever we do he is not going to acknowledge because our whole existance is just for the sake of fun and nothing more.
Just like the way we dream in our sleep and see all the imaginary things which are strikingly similar to our real life and after we awake we are shocked for a moment knowing that everything we just saw was a dream.sometimes we are happy that it was a dream and sometimes we are disappointed to know that it was a dream because atleast for a moment we had lived in the false state of enjoyment.The same holds true for our lives too ,we live today and want to live a better life tomorrow and so on but we never are satisfied we forget the exact idea of our existence i.e. fun and love! we become materialistic.
I just want to say that we live in a false world, nobody is happy here everybody always want something more and better all the time.Nothing matters here on this planet the end outcome is always "0" if we worship the god we are not impressing him.The only go is to thank him for the whole creation and accept the fact that we way too tiny in front of him, the term tiny is also not precise enough to describe are a few famous quotes from bagavad gita which describe how we are supposed to lead our lives without worrying much.At the end of the day my final conclusion is- our life is just like the dream we experience in our sleep nothing we do here matters ,we just have to remember the whole creation as one ,once we die we become a free soul (ATMA) part of this whole creation and are again born in the form of other creature that lives here in this universe. The atma or the soul is obviously never dying and keeps jumping from being to being as soon as the host living being seizes or dies.The relationship we have with our siblings ,friends and parents is only for time being and the only true friend forever we have is the supreme power or the paramathma!


Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.
  • Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening...
  • What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything - whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.
  • Change is the law of the universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty. Yours and mine, big and small - erase these ideas from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone.
  • This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent - so who are you?
  • Dedicate your being to God. He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. Those who know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow.
  • Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.
The concept of "GOD" and its implications

we have put an immense responsibility on the god , by 'we' I mean the whole of human race.We keep expecting more from his supernatural powers,we keep expecting miracles and relate anything unexplained by science to the works of god,Anything and everything from life to death is thought to be works of god,the immense fear we have towards him makes us to believe all the time that their is something he does that nobody or any mortal can do.The severe emotional stresses ,the hectic materialistic life which keeps demanding more,the competition etc.., takes us through phases of dejection and rejection which in turn makes us to feel weak and lethargic giving rise to thoughts that conveys our intellect towards a strong and immortal supreme being,believing in god helps us to coupe up with our life in hope.This concept of god has originated since time immemorable ,Fear is the main seed which gives rise to a gigantic tree or the concept of god. people become disciples of god to gain something which they think he is capable of granting and also in fear of getting degraded from the their current status.If god could only grant wishes their would not be any poor man, their would be no diseases nor their would be any hungry man or evil man,But what is the fun in playing a game where in their is no challenge ,where their is no outcome ,which doesn't need any skills ? As I said earlier this is a game folks what ever has to happen it will happen! Their wont be any divine intervention here ,No matter how many times you worship the god in a day ,no matter how many pilgrimage places you visit,no matter if u make offerings worth millions or build temples,he is not going to be impressed nor is he going to come to your rescue at anytime, even when you are dying!!!! we have to coupe up with the life (game)in our own skill full way, keep learning and keep playing it without the fear of losing ,cultivate habits to become more non materialistic and stress free.This is true for all religions and beliefs, the god is never impressed nor is he going to take strict actions against you for not believing in him nor does he ever ask anyone to give him a sacrifice or nor did he ever promise heaven to anyone who kills.The so called messengers of god whose instances we see throughout the history of mankind may have been ordinary people just like us but with a burning urge to hold people from wrong doings, to make it more effective they might have used the concept of god to instigate a sense of fear in people to keep the society from offenders.They made doctrines of their own on their own and put the stamp "as said by the almighty god" on it.In a way it is serving its purpose but most of the time over indulgence of people in the god helps nothing.People forget about the society ,forget about their role in the society rather then helping for the up liftment of the society they help build worship and pilgrimage centers worth millions which serves no purpose especially in India where there is a critical shortage of hospitals ,orphanages,schools,research centers etc... they keep wasting crores on temples.Instead of idolizing the qualities of god they idolize the god and shower money on it to relieve of their tensions.

my verdict is !

People ,I do believe that Indian culture,tradition,festivals are all unique and one of a kind in this whole world and it is the major thing through which we are identified and it is the same tradition and culture which keeps us together,which has thought us to respect our elders and live with
them through their old age unfortunately which doesn't happen in those well developed countries which are devoid of any culture.The strong culture and tradition which hasn't changed for thousands of years has a good reason to why it should be followed for generations to come, these complex and advanced ideas of leading ones life in my strongest belief were given to us by more intellectual and intelligent beings who came from a far away planet may be from so called swarga loka as i said earlier it is very hard to digest but logically speaking the type of advancement our ancestors were supposed to have had may be the result of contributions from these aliens.As soon as the word "aliens" appears our imagination of a big eyed,triangle headed, bald ,small being from outer space comes to our mind as portrayed in the english movies but it is shear imagination ,but why cant we imagine aliens looking just like us, isn't that possible?
Its time now to dig deep into our roots and find out more about them rather than just to keep on dreaming about their supernatural powers and praying them to save us in our day to day life,we need to alter our beliefs and search for clues left behind by them about their own planet,lifestyles and everything.I am sure there must be some or the other form of indications in our ancient scriptures like vedas , upanishads, puranas etc... about their origin and home planet.Its time we recognise their contributions like astrology,palmistry, numerology to the maximum because If people who were thousands of years advanced than us in matters of science and technology could follow it why cannot we, ofcourse we cant develop any such sciences at our current level of knowledge and understanding about cosmos but maybe in future we might accept these forms of sciences after some one else from the western countries proves them to be right!!! we need to encourage more research on these forms of sciences rather then just following them so that we can move forward from where they had left us.
Now the question is if indeed they were aliens why havem't they returned back or kept visiting us ?The answer might be the same as why the americans stopped going to the moon ,its too costly,too risky considering we have robots to do the jobs and moreover stepping on the moon was a result of immense competition to showoff their technological advancements to the whole world .In a time where, in India people used to keep looking at the moon as a demi good who did the job of giving us light when the sun was absent and enjoyed the status of GOD ,the americans did a nasty thing which non of the orthodox Indians could even think of "they stepped on it"(we never touch anything by our feet which we consider sacred). Even today we are still planning our indigenous manned mission to space.If we had used our resources to the max we could have probably done it before anyone else.Coming to the point the aliens from swarga loka might have stopped their missions to earth due to various reasons some of them may be because of lack of funding,or may be because it was not worth it all( they could only give us but not able to take back anything from us as we were far more inferior to them )or may be there might have been a power shift in their government back home which was not into these things.They could have even found a new object of interest in the form of another planet.
The amount of precision with which our vedas describe the formation of universe,the age of our planet ,the total time our universe will last,the effects of gravitational forces on human beings,the science of medicines, the distances of stars from our planet,the exact degrees at which they are located etc... are all indications of how advanced they were we just need to go back in time and excavate these sciences,philosophies and lifestyles and nurture them to their next best forms and filter off the misinterpretations.we should even make efforts to search for them and their home planet, may be they are advanced than us by a few thousand years but they may be of immense help to our lives.Till that time atleast lets make efforts not to follow foolish philosophies and practices which are devoid of logic and serve no purposes,lets come out of the cocoon which we have built around ourselves and call it religion and face the world in a more brave manner and show the world what we are made off!!!

Thank you!
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